Lash Nap in Action

Lash Nap in Action

It’s true, we’ve been laggin’ on the blog.  No excuses!!  Though, here’s an update on what we’ve been doing…


Business Cards have been made!!

I’ve even distributed a handful.

Don’t I look cute???

 And I made a pillow.

Because the place still needs more decor.

I also made a video about making the pillow, but uhmmmm, let’s just say sewing is not my forte.


It’s a cute pillow, right???

image image

I had a window decal made so people can know all about my services and how to contact me when I’m not in the Studio.

I believe I’ve already posted the image of the decal, but not the image of the decal on the actual window… I’m doing that now!!


A Lash Session

I made a video with a fellow lash artist -me as the model, and I mean whoa, that right eye is some kinda scary.  Obviously, I’m the type who sleeps with one eye open, sooooo don’t try to pull any fast ones!!



And the finished looks from that session… we really did each other, but apparently, I look cuter on the table!!  Just kidding…

Anywho, these are full sized images so you can get a good look at the lashes.  Don’t bother clicking on the photos, I haven’t made them link to anything!!  :-/

image image image image image



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