Making Progress

Making Progress

Slowly but surely, things are coming along.  If there were a wand that could make it all happen instantaneously, we’d definitely wave that sucker around!! 

Anywho, we were excited about having the lights turned on -even more excited to get the furniture in and have the walls painted, but let’s be realistic, it is all very exhausting.  We’re the “hands-on” type and “Get Shit Done” is our motto -eventually, we’ll put that on a t-shirt.

Don’t ask me why the photos have all seemed to have rotated themselves… possibly because they were taken in landscape view, but upload as portraits???  I don’t know, but you get the gist of it.



Let There Be Light!!!

Finally got the Youtube and video player to work in conjunction with one another!!  Woohoo!!  This is out first video:



Anyway, it’s go time -gotta get those walls finished up and put the furniture in its place.  The next blog will be of the finished look… images only.  Haha.

Making A Mess 101: When You Can’t Afford to Hire Professionals

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