Lash Looks

We offer a simple lash menu of items for you to choose from -whether you choose from fun and flirty to owning the stage, or something in-between -we have your eyes covered… with lashes, of course!!  Reserve an appointment with one of our Lash Artists today for that “I woke up like this” look by tonight.    




Credit Card Reservation Fee

We require that you pay $25 deposit in order to reserve an appointment, which will be deducted from the final price of the service.  If you do not give 24hrs prior notice to the cancellation of your appointment, you forfeit your deposit and 50% of the service will be charged to your card.

Accepted Payment Methods

WE accept cash, and for your convenience we also accept PayPal and credit cards.


New and Returning Guests

Please be on time. 

If you are a new guest, plan on arriving early to fill out our client profile sheet.  This is how we are going to know if you have any health related issues or conditions that may prevent you from receiving individual eyelashes. 

Don’t wear any makeup around your eyes. 

Makeup, especially a product that is oil based, interferes with the way the adhesive adheres the lashes together and will cause the premature loss of lashes.  Sure, we will remove the any makeup around your eyes (free of charge) to make sure your lashes have the most optimal hold, but this will cut into your lash application time, resulting in fewer lashes.

Change your set. 

We recommend that our guest change their set of lashes approximately once every three months.  This will accomplish two things:  your lashes will have the opportunity to be thoroughly cleaned to prevent the buildup of bacteria (from adhesive, makeup, environmental debris) which can cause eyelash mites -don’t believe us, look it up!  And to give your natural eyelashes time to build of a layer of keratin (the stuff hair and nails are made from), thus making your natural lashes stronger.